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Our homes represent more than just shelter and security. For most of us, our homes are the most significant and valuable assets we own. As such, when entering into the sale or purchase of property, it’s a wise choice to seek the guidance of an experienced real estate lawyer who will have your best interests in mind. Many people make the mistake of putting themselves exclusively in the hands of real estate agents, which might leave them at a disadvantage. Real estate agents can be licensed with little in the way of education, and will not be as informed or as skilled as your Legal Sherpa® when it comes to the legal complexities involved in the purchase or sale of property.

Always involve a trusted lawyer as early in the process as possible. You are best protected and best informed if your lawyer is assisting in the drafting of an offer rather than simply reviewing an offer after it has been accepted. If you’re interested in buying or selling real estate, don’t hesitate to call Yeti Law sooner rather than later.

Hidden Complexities

Property can come with strings attached. Sometimes property lines are unclear or in dispute. Sometimes there are encumbrances in place such as liens, easements (rights of way), or encroachments. What rights are in place to protect or secure property from the owners of neighbouring properties?

A knowledgeable and experienced legal real estate team, like the Legal Sherpas® at Yeti Law, will walk with you to ensure you avoid any hidden entanglements that would otherwise cost you time and money.

The Difference your Toronto Legal Sherpas® Make

Property sales in Toronto come with their own specific challenges. You need the help of someone who can assist you with Toronto-specific concerns such as the Municipal Land Transfer Tax, an additional land transfer tax specific to Toronto properties. Don’t be taken by surprise. Trust your Legal Sherpa® team to guide you through the process.

Don’t Get Lost in the Details

The purchase and/or sale of a house, condominium or other property is a complex affair. On its own, it’s stressful enough, but then add the complexity of relocating yourself, your belongings, and your family. The stress adds up quickly and it can feel as though you’re being buried under an avalanche of tiny details. It’s a process that can be overwhelming. Did you remember to discontinue services? Utilities? Mail? The delivery of newspaper to your old address? There always seems to be more to deal with than there is time in the day, and it seems inevitable that something will be forgotten, left undone, or left behind. This is another thing that sets Yeti Law apart: we will be there for the big as well as the small. We can help you manage the reality of the move, as well as the legality of the sale.

Contact our Legal Sherpas®

If you have a legal question or concern, especially regarding Wills, estates, real estate or corporate law, contact Yeti Law to start your journey today. Call Yeti Law at 416-964-0021 or contact us online.

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