Purchasing Real Estate in Toronto

The purchase and sale of real estate, though closely tied, can be very different experiences. Both sides of the same coin, they have similar, but different concerns. Just as you trust your Legal Sherpa from Yeti Law to guide you in the sale of real estate, you can also trust your Legal Sherpa® to guide you through the purchase of real estate.

Preparation is key, given the size and scope of the purchase. There’s no better place to start than with your Legal Sherpa®. Where you have questions, your Legal Sherpa® has answers. Where you have fears or reservations, your Legal Sherpa® has the experience and expertise to overcome obstacles.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement

The purchase agreement is central to the purchase of a property. You could use a bare-bones standardized form, but this almost always leaves a lot to be desired and too much room for ambiguity. You will most certainly want to have a trusted, experienced real estate lawyer like your Legal Sherpa® review the agreement, and amend it so that it best represents your interests as the buyer. Your agreement should be as clear and specific as possible with regard to terms and conditions, pricing, timelines, and any special arrangements you may have with the seller.

But it doesn’t end with one simple document. The sale of real estate is, at its core, a complex negotiation. Through the process, from informal agreement to formal written contract, there will be a great deal of push and pull, and it can take time, energy, discussion and likely some compromise to satisfy all parties before the sale is complete and the property is transferred. Having the guidance of your Legal Sherpa® throughout the process can alleviate stress and ensure that your interests are protected.

Other Considerations Where Yeti Law Can Provide Assistance

  • Newly Built House or Retail Market Sale – You may have a preference, but it can’t hurt to weigh your options, as there can be significant differences between the two types of purchase.
  • House or Condo – You may already be envisioning yourself in one or the other, but it’s never too late to investigate or ask questions. There are pros and cons for both, but only you can make that decision. Be sure to make an informed choice.
  • Mortgage – Most home buyers finance the purchase of their home through a mortgage. A qualified real estate lawyer from Yeti Law can guide you through the mortgage process.
  • Title Insurance – Your lawyer can perform a title search, and can present you with title insurance options. Title insurance is well worth the cost, and easily worth your time to ask your Legal Sherpa®.
  • Additional Assistance – Your Legal Sherpa® can assist you in securing property tax information, property insurance information, and answer any building and zoning questions.

Contact our Legal Sherpas®

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