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Wherever your journey through life takes you, a little guidance and support is always helpful. When your journey takes you into the realm of law, our Legal Sherpa® team can be counted on to give you the support in those times when you need it most. Much like the Sherpas of the mountainous regions of Nepal, it is the goal of our team of Legal Sherpas® to guide you through the complex and sometimes perilous peaks and valleys of the law. Sherpas are internationally renowned for their expertise in mountaineering, and they have provided invaluable support to climbers in Himalayan ascents. Entire teams of climbers have placed their trust, safety, and their very lives in the hands of Sherpa guides; meet with our team of Legal Sherpas® and we’re certain you will find us every bit as trustworthy as our namesake.

Legal Sherpas® Providing Guidance for Wills & Estates

Located in Toronto, Yeti Law, with its team of dedicated Sherpas, is here to assist you with a wide range of legal needs. We specialize in:

Death is sometimes described as life’s last great journey, and though it’s rarely a journey we look forward to taking, it is one we should all be prepared to take.


Administering an estate without experience or guidance, and carrying out your duties as an executor can be a herculean task. The role of the estate trustee or executor can actually be summed up in four words: funeral, taxation, debt, and beneficiaries.


You may find that you have, or are developing, an interest in art and culture, both local and foreign. In our journeys, we sometimes find ourselves accumulating art and artifacts which emotionally affect us, or that remind us of places we’ve visited, or that we simply find aesthetically pleasing.


Our Team

Legal Sherpas

Our Legal Sherpas® will partner with you to ensure you receive the care and attention you need to reach your goals. Yeti Law is about the successful completion of YOUR goals, and as such, while we may offer guidance, we take our lead from YOU. That’s why the first step in the Yeti Law process is to get to know you and do our best to understand what it is you wish to achieve. Then we set about working with you to make it happen.

Our process is personal, as it should be when dealing with such personal matters, but the process should also be simple. Our aim is to simplify the process for you, in order to help you on your path. The complexity of the law should never feel like a barrier to achieving your goals. Our team is here to help remove some of that complexity and keep you moving forward.

The law may seem very far removed from mountaineering. It’s a very different landscape, but without trust and guidance it can be every bit as dangerous. Our Legal Sherpas® are here to provide you with that same level of care and support. By placing your trust in us, we can give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. We want to assist you in making your journey positive and successful, and we’ll guide you every step of the way. We seek to bring you through your journey, to enjoy a unique and powerful outcome with our Legal Sherpa® team.

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If you have a legal question or concern, especially regarding Wills, estates, real estate or corporate law, contact Yeti Law to start your journey today. Call Yeti Law at 416-964-0021 or contact us online.

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