Words from our clients

“Thank you for your work and that of the other staff in the office. I’ve enjoyed my meetings with Yeti and have a new understanding of Wills and the law.”
– G.H.

“I always knew that if we had a task to do, I could relax in the assurance that you and your team would handle it in the most competent and thorough way. I have been in business for many, many years, and during that time I have worked with many attorneys and other professionals. I cannot think of one who consistently has given me as much quality assistance in such a timely manner.
You have spoiled me Yeti!! And you should be proud of it!! Where, oh where, will I ever find another team with the same, unique Sherpa Spirit?!!
Thank you so very much for all that you have done!! You made my life a great deal easier and less stressful. I can only hope that I may find other associates like you in the future. But….I expect I will find few, if any, who will be as good and delightful as you. You were always so marvelously pleasant to deal with….and that goes for your terrific office team as well. And we all know that a good team is only as good as its leader.”
– K.K. (USA client)

“Thank you for your time, patience, creativity, and understanding. You have transformed what seemed to be a mountain of obstacles into a manageable path. I now feel able to care for my parents and their assets in the best way possible.”
– S.R.

“Thank you! We had an excellent experience working with you. Our meetings with you were unique and you were able to find and resolve our issues. We even had an ‘ah-hah’ moment with you! We also very much appreciated your patience. The Yeti Map is brilliant – it is so easy to understand – to make any changes – and to finalize our needs. We love the fact that we now have 90 days to review our wills and if necessary, to make any changes (think ‘safety net’). We were surprised and impressed with your experience. You are the ultimate ‘Holistic Advisor’. If/when we have any legal transactions – we will only be dealing with you in the future. We are so glad that we were referred to you!”
– D.M. and R.W.

“My very best to both of you and your helpers. We are so lucky to have met and interacted with you over the last year since the untimely passing of my beloved cousin. Thank you for your fine efforts on our behalf with our wills etc.”
– R.G. and M.W.

“[We] really did appreciate the work that you and your team did on preparing our wills and related documents. Your patience and clear explanations of the legal terms and principles was very helpful.”
– P.W. and M.P.

“Thank you for everything! I appreciate all the hard work and extra hours you and your staff put into finalizing the purchase of my house. I find myself singing your praises as I tell my friends and family the story of my closing day. Thank you again. I love my new house – I couldn’t have done it without you!
– J.C.

“I was just reviewing our copies of the letters you sent to our agents and was reflecting on how well they are done. In fact, the whole process was very well done and I appreciate that. Not only do I understand my will, but I feel comfortable that things are in the best shape that we can make them. And, it was strangely enjoyable working on the end of our lives-bizarre as that may be.”
– R.K.

“Many thanks for your help with my estate planning. As always, you bring common sense, kindness and sensitivity to your work.”
– L.R.

“Thank you for all your kindness and thoughtfulness. You have guided us through a most difficult task.”
– R.V. and A. V.

“Thank you so much for your professionalism, excellent advice, astute understanding of my situation and all wrapped with a good sense of humour.”
– R.W.

“Thank you again to everyone for making our family feel comfortable and welcome. By the way, the kids are loving their “yeti” dolls!”
-C & D