Our Legal Sherpas

Your Guides for Law…with understanding

At Yeti Law, we have a dedicated team ready to serve you. When you call our office, you won’t have to wait hours or days for a return call. If you can’t get your question answered by one of our Legal Sherpa® team members when you call, we will schedule a more in-depth legal or strategy call for a mutually convenient time with you and your Legal Sherpa® lawyer. This allows us to make the very best use of your time without wasting it playing voicemail “tag” back and forth.

Some of the ways our Legal Sherpa® team works differently

Law… with understanding. It’s our motto, and it’s also an indicator of our belief that your legal journey should be a very personalized experience. We will be dealing with legal concerns regarding your family, your estate, your forward planning, and your business. These are all deeply personal to you, and so we feel it behooves us to tailor an approach that best suits your needs. Ultimately, your experience with Yeti Law should come down to comfort and support.

Yeti’s tools and techniques are designed to help you express, explain, and provide background without being put off by a cold atmosphere, curt, impersonal attitudes, or legal jargon. Below are a few examples of how our Legal Sherpa® team works differently than other firms which highlights our focus on understanding, both yours and ours.

  • We use photographs and family trees to learn and understand what our clients value most.
  • We use graphics to present critical information contained in legal documents prepared for our clients.
  • We use bigger fonts to make letters and documents easier to read upon request (and sometimes because we think it is a good idea).
  • We offer electronic reports on CDs and DVDs.
  • We make house calls and visit clients in their homes when it is difficult for them to get out to our office.
  • We make appointments with our business clients at their premises to better understand their business environment and challenges.
  • We are experienced in working with TTY (for people who are deaf or hard of hearing).