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Yeti Law is your destination for fully personalized legal services in Toronto

We will work diligently to provide a custom crafted approach to your legal needs, and strive to ensure that not only are your current needs met, but that your future needs are anticipated and planned for.

Our primary interest is in making the law as simple and as accessible as possible. Our aim is to cut through the jargon and the complexity, and to prevent it from being a hindrance to you in the pursuit of your goals.

We specialize in the following practice areas:

We want you to think about Will and estate planning as a process rather than a single task to be completed. It also encompasses far more than just your estate. For this reason, at Yeti Law, we refer to estate planning as Forward Planning, which more aptly describes the process. It should be a very personal and continuing process, and we treat it as such. From the initial interview, through the drafting of the forward plan documents such as trusts and Wills, to the periodic reviews, forward planning is about you making the best possible plans for your future and the future of your loved ones. Ultimately we want to foster a relationship rather than simply providing a service.

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Administering an estate without experience or guidance, and carrying out your duties as an executor can be a herculean task. The role of the estate trustee or executor can actually be summed up in four words: funeral, taxation, debt, and beneficiaries. These four responsibilities are the foundation of your role. Of course, as with all things, it’s never quite that simple.

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