The Yeti Law & Legal Sherpa® Inspiration

Yeti Law started with a nickname. An avid skier in a fake fur parka hit the slopes, and a name was born. Yeti accepted and embraced the nickname, and it pointed her towards a metaphor and an aesthetic that she took to heart: the Himalayas.

Yeti saw the Himalayas (inhabited by the mythical Yeti of local legend) as a metaphor for the perilous legal landscape. Yeti also discovered the Sherpa people of Nepal, inhabitants of the Himalayan region, and saw another apt metaphor: if the Himalayas represented the peaks, valleys, and dangers inherent in the legal system, then certainly the Sherpas represented the legal practice she wanted to build. She saw the Sherpas as confident and experienced climbers, often employed by summit teams for their skill and knowledge. Yeti wanted her clients to see Yeti Law in the same light, and thus Yeti’s concept of Legal Sherpas® was born.

Law…with Understanding: How Is Yeti Law different?

Law… with understanding. It’s our motto, and it’s also an indicator of our belief that your legal journey should be a very personalized experience. We will be dealing with legal concerns regarding your family, your estate, your forward planning, and your business. These are all deeply personal to you, and so we feel it behooves us to tailor an approach that best suits your needs. Ultimately, your experience with Yeti Law should come down to comfort and support. Yeti’s tools and techniques are designed to help you express, explain, and provide background without being put off by a cold atmosphere, curt, impersonal attitudes, or legal jargon.

At Yeti Law, we want to accompany you on your journey as your personal Legal Sherpa®. Your Legal Sherpa® will open your working relationship by meeting with you and trying to learn as much about you as possible. We feel that it’s our responsibility to better understand your legal needs by first developing an understanding of you, beginning with your goals and what you hope to achieve. We do our best to see things from your perspective, and to see what you value most. We tailor our approach to match your goals, using tools that we’ve developed. Tools like our People Plan, which has proven itself again and again to be an effective and successful approach during the estate and forward planning process.

Understanding, however, is a two-way street, and just as your Legal Sherpa® looks to you to understand your perspective and to explore possible solutions, it’s equally important that you understand as well. Dealing with the law shouldn’t be a daunting or confusing process, especially when it involves your life goals. Yeti Law hopes to demystify the experience by making it accessible, by minimizing impenetrable jargon, and by returning the focus back where it belongs: on people and their goals.

This Yeti Law focus on understanding — both in our understanding of you and your goals, and in ensuring your understanding of the process during your journey — is what truly sets Yeti Law apart from any other firm practicing in Toronto today.

A letter from one of our clients

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Our Mission

Our mission at Yeti Law is to provide our clients Law… with understanding®. Our Legal Sherpa® team enjoys acting as guides for clients who wish to address issues in their lives that involve legal concepts by providing a positive and supportive environment. We seek to have clients enjoy unique and powerful outcomes by the end of a journey with our Legal Sherpa® team.

We want our clients to feel understood by our Legal Sherpa® team and to understand the legal work done for and with them. We always strive to listen to you…with understanding, and then to communicate with you simply and clearly, avoiding any confusing legal jargon or “legalese”. We endeavour to empower you with both an understanding of what you have accomplished with our assistance and with guidance for dealing with future matters that may arise.

We are your Legal Sherpa® team:


S et You Up for Success;

we are

H olistic – We Look at the Whole You;


E xceed Your Expectations;


R espond with Respect;

we are your

P ersonal Trusted Guide;


A nticipate Your Needs and Wants;

About Yeti Law

Our Inspiration

Yeti is the mythological “abominable snowman” who lives in the Himalayas. Yeti is also the nickname of our founder, Yeti Agnew. At Yeti Law we refer to our dedicated team as “Legal Sherpas® ” – a fitting metaphor for how we view ourselves – experienced guides, helping our clients navigate through their legal journey with confidence.

Himalayan mountain climbers know the importance of having the right team of Sherpas, those local guides who know the terrain and the storms and who assist climbers in conquering the challenges before them to attain their goals. This is not unlike clients who arrive in a legal landscape (some more prepared than others) and need a guide who knows the mountainous legal terrain. Our Legal Sherpa® team assists clients in conquering the challenges before them to attain their goals. We also ensure that the journey is client-centered and tailored to fit with the clients’ strengths.


We Build Lifelong Relationships with Our Clients 

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to stand on top of Mount Everest, and his lifelong friend Sherpa Tenzing, also known as Tenzing Norgay, were an incredible team. Like Tenzing, our Legal Sherpa® team values the lifelong relationships we build with our clients and the honour of being part of their accomplishments. Click here to learn more about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s Achievements.